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Aguas Vivas is a company width over 30 years experience in the installation of shellfish tanks and biological filters. Width our head office in the town of Puente Arce, Cantabria, we work in the hotel and catering industry as well as in food and aquiculture, offering standard and customised installations, including industrial shellfish tanks for distribution to third parties.

we design and install bivalve purifiers as well as equipping articulated vehicles width the most efficient biological filtration systems available on the marker for the transportation of live shellfish.

Aguas Vivas offers the most technologically advanced filtration and purification systems and the highest quality of water.Moreover our equipment is characterised by the use of non-toxic materials, solid structures and a visual realism in our design and decoration offering exhibitors an attractive selling point.

Welcome to the water purification technology of Aguas vivas



Our tanks, manufactured especially for the HOTEL AND CATERING industry, offer an attractive design, due to, among other things, a DECORATIVE ROCK DESIGN exclusive to AGUAS VIVAS,giving the authentic appearence of rockeries typically found in coastal waters.

The use of shellfish tanks in establishments where shellfish are sold is a requirement for the full compliance width hygiene standards applicable to the conservation of live shellfish.

SEAFOOD BARS, FISHMONGERS and RESTAURANTS are firstly looking to achieve a low level of mortality as well as hygiene and species classification, width low level maintenance at a minimal cost.

The sellfish tanks are extremely popular in such establishments (where they are usually on public display) capturing the attention of customers.

Industrial fish tanks are those that are destined for sellfish storage on a large scale. Tis type of tanks is usually used as a storage facility for restaurants and companies that specialise in the sector.

Aguas Vivas uses closed circuit sea water purification technology which yields the best possible results

All of Aguas Vivas equipment is characterised by its biological purification system, which is adapted to the specific requirements of each installations, and which consists of filtering by meansof a bilogical charge which transforms organic material in the water into non-organic material, which in conjunction width other processes achieves complete sterilisation.

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Alto de las Veneras S/N - 39478 Puente Arce ( Cantabria)
Teléfono: +34 942 589 827 - Fax: +34 942 589 831 - Email: comercial@aguasvivas.es


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